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Contact Our Printer Support Number on +1-877-717-6111 to talk to our Printer Support Expert if you are not comfortable following the steps mentioned below on your own of if you need expert advice.

Solution 1:

  • Open the proper aspect of the printer 
  • On the circuit board merely reset the two white cables.

    Solution 2:
  • Disconnect the Printer USB cable from the computer.
  • Remove the cartridges from the printer. 
  • With the power still on, unplug the power cable from the back of the printer and from the wall socket.
  • Now wait for about sixty seconds to allow the static to die out. 
  • Plug the power cable into the wall socket and then to the back of the printer, allowing it to power up. 
  • If you get the HP Printer Error “The following ink cartridges seem to be missing or damaged” please install the Printer Cartridges in the printer. 
  • If you get a similar error message, if you have got variety pad on the printer, do a similar steps however before plugging it back in, hold the “#” button with the number “3”, and connect the power cable into the printer while pressing the buttons down. 
  • Once the printer starts showing that it’s coming up, you can let go the buttons and permit it to come back on.
  • If you continue to get the message, then do a similar exercise except hold the “#” button and therefore the button”6″ on your computer keyboard and permit it to come back again.
  • If you continue to get the message in the end of the higher than steps square measure done, contact your printer manufacturer for a replacement if your printer continues to be in warranty. 

    Solution 3:
  • Check the cartridges

    Solution 4:
  • Clean and Reinstall the printhead

    Solution 5: Resetting the printer
  • Press the Power button to turn on your HP Printer. 
  • With the HP Printer turned on , disconnect the power wire from the back of the HP Printer.
  • Unplug the power  wire from the wall outlet.
  • Wait a minimum of thirty seconds to allow the static in the HP Printer to die out.
  • Plug the power cable into the wall outlet.
  • Reconnect the power wire to the back of the HP Printer.
  • If the HP Printer doesn’t tun on by itself, press the power button to turn it on.

Call our Printer Support Helpline on +1-877-717-6111 if the above steps do not help you fix your HP Printer Error Code 0xC19AC129. You many need more expert help.

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