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Call +1-877-717-6111 to HP Fix Printer Feeding Error Code 0x61011BEF

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0x61011bef may be a general error that the chipset within the printer provides rather than a “carriage jam ” error message.

Double check within the printer further certain|to confirm} that there’s no bits and peices stuck insde the printer wherever the carriage assembly ( wherever the printheads sit) check to form sure that moves freely.
as well as clean the rollers on the rear of the printer… silly affirmative however it’s been recognize to cause a slip if there’s engineered up paper dirt on them.

Steps to Fix HP 6500 Printer Error 0x61011BEF:


Step1: Remove USB cable from the computer.

Step2: Remove ink cartridge and disconnect the power supply.

Step3: Wait for one minute and then install the power supply and install the cartridge when message displayed on the printer.

Step4: Close printer doors and print your documents.


Step1: Plug in your printer to wall socket, make sure it will be directly connected not via UPS.

Step2: Check once the printer is on; now without turning it off remove all the attached cables including power cord.

Step3: Now you have to wait for 30 seconds.

Step4: Plug in all the cables including power cord to directly wall socket.

Step5: Try to print from the printer if it is able to print issue resolved else go to method 2.


Step1: Unplug all the cables when the printer is on and wait for 20 settings.

Step2: Press #and 6 and hold now insert the power supply your printer will be successfully reset to factory settings.

Call our Printer Support Helpline on +1-877-717-6111 if the above steps do not help you fix your printer error. You many need more expert help.

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