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Call +1-877-717-6111 – HP 5500 Noisy Toner Cartridges and Dirty Prints

You would possibly have skilled leaking toner cartridges within the HP 5500 colour laser printer. Streaks of toner at the entrance and backs of revealed pages and or noisy cartridges when printing. Toner at the ETB (electrostatic switch belt). Any of those issues may happen independently of one another or concurrently. Replacing the cartridge in query will repair the issue, however possibly handiest briefly

These problems may also be brought about from widespread printing from Tray 1, the 100 sheet Multipurpose tray. When the regulate panel is about within the PAPER HANDLING MENU to TRAY 1 SIZE equals ANY SIZE, and TRAY 1 TYPE equals ANY. Having tray 1 set this fashion could cause the printer to head thru an additional toner purge and cleansing cycle after every print task. If greater dimension jobs are being applied the failure won’t occur as temporarily as it’s going to if simply 1 or 2 pages jobs are being despatched, which is in most cases the case from the MP tray. Printing from tray 1 with those regulate panel settings will in advance replenish the waste toner hopper within the print cartridges. When the waste toner turns into to complete in advance, the cartridge can fail in different alternative ways.

The waste toner would possibly get started leaking out of the print cartridge. The cleansing blade can grow to be overworked and now not be capable of blank the drum, which is able to depart streaks at the entrance and the backs of the print media because the waste toner is now getting at the belt. Another symptom is the waste toner hopper can get so complete that the waste toner stirring blade can’t transfer, inflicting the pressure equipment for the cartridge to make a noisy clicking noise. Again changing the cartridge will proper the issue, however it isn’t the answer. Changing the settings to the right kind media and dimension getting used for tray 1 will save you additional harm to the print cartridges, however does now not proper the underlying purpose.

The drawback was once with the firmware at the DC controller. The firmware was once up to date through HP to proper this factor at the 5500. Existing DC controllers can’t be flashed. The DC controller would need to be changed. Print a configuration web page and observe the Printer Number, underneath the Information Section. The up to date or more moderen DC controllers may have the quantity as 70 or one thing upper. Perform a complete calibration whilst you change the DC controller.

There is any other drawback that may purpose toner to be at the belt and dumping toner within the 5500. It’s a mechanical failure regardless that. They are the de-alienation enstrangement bars. They are positioned at the back of the toner cartridges. They lift and decrease the toners into the printing place and cleansing place when required. Remove the toner cartridge’s and you’re going to see them at the again of the body of the printer. Black plastic items, four general. They can crack and put on with time. A visible inspection is all this is required. They appear to be extra rugged in this engine and don’t fail up to they’ve at the 4600 collection. Very simple to interchange, loosen the 2 screws that hang the cams in position, (take into accout in their place sooner than you get started) and slide the outdated one’s out to the correct off the shaft. Slide the replacements in from the correct over the shaft and set the cam again into position and tighten the screws after surroundings them again into the slots.

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