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Call +1-877-717-6111 – HP 5500 Noisy Toner Cartridges and Dirty Prints

You would in all probability have professional leaking toner cartridges inside the HP 5500 color laser printer. Streaks of toner on the front and backs of printed pages and or noisy cartridges when printing. Toner on the ETB (electrostatic transfer belt). Any of the ones problems might occur independently of each other or at the same time as. Replacing the cartridge in question will restore the problem, then again in all probability most effective in brief

These issues will also be caused from standard printing from Tray 1, the 100 sheet Multipurpose tray. When the control panel is ready inside the PAPER HANDLING MENU to TRAY 1 SIZE equals ANY SIZE, and TRAY 1 TYPE equals ANY. Having tray 1 set this manner may motive the printer to go via an extra toner purge and cleaning cycle after each print job. If higher size jobs are being carried out the failure may not happen as briefly as it will if merely 1 or 2 pages jobs are being sent, which is normally the case from the MP tray. Printing from tray 1 with the ones control panel settings will upfront refill the waste toner hopper inside the print cartridges. When the waste toner becomes to finish upfront, the cartridge can fail in several other ways.

The waste toner would in all probability get began leaking out of the print cartridge. The cleaning blade can change into overworked and no longer be able to clean the drum, which is in a position to go away streaks on the front and the backs of the print media for the reason that waste toner is now getting on the belt. Another symptom is the waste toner hopper can get so entire that the waste toner stirring blade can not switch, causing the force apparatus for the cartridge to make a loud clicking noise. Again converting the cartridge will right kind the problem, then again it’s not the solution. Changing the settings to the proper media and size being used for tray 1 will prevent further hurt to the print cartridges, then again does no longer right kind the underlying goal.

The downside was once as soon as with the firmware on the DC controller. The firmware was once as soon as up to the moment via HP to right kind this issue on the 5500. Existing DC controllers cannot be flashed. The DC controller would want to be modified. Print a configuration internet web page and follow the Printer Number, beneath the Information Section. The up to the moment or more recent DC controllers could have the volume as 70 or something higher. Perform an entire calibration when you exchange the DC controller.

There is every other downside that can goal toner to be on the belt and dumping toner inside the 5500. It’s a mechanical failure though. They are the de-alienation enstrangement bars. They are located in the back of the toner cartridges. They raise and reduce the toners into the printing position and cleaning position when required. Remove the toner cartridge’s and you’ll see them on the once more of the frame of the printer. Black plastic pieces, 4 common. They can crack and placed on with time. A visual inspection is all that is required. They seem to be further rugged on this engine and do not fail as much as they have got on the 4600 assortment. Very easy to exchange, loosen the two screws that cling the cams in place, (be mindful of their position faster than you get began) and slide the out of date one’s out to the right kind off the shaft. Slide the replacements in from the right kind over the shaft and set the cam once more into place and tighten the screws after setting them once more into the slots.